Triple Union Flag officially proposed as an alternative Australian Flag design

Today, the Triple Union Flag has been publicly proposed as a potential design for a new Australian Flag. It has been designed to provide Australia with a compelling alternative for its national flag that preserves the essence of our most important national symbol while representing a new chapter in Australia’s history.

In 2016, New Zealand conducted a snap referendum on whether the nation should change its national flag — a British colonial ensign virtually identical to the flag of Australia. The referendum was unsuccessful. While its failure can be attributed to many factors, the lack of a convincing alternative flag design ultimately lead to New Zealand choosing to retain its national flag.

Following this referendum, it was apparent that Australia lacked a clear alternative design for its own national flag. The Triple Union Flag was designed as an attempt to create an alternative flag of Australia that made as few changes to the current flag design as possible — transforming its meaning while remaining recognisable and maintaining its broad appeal.

The Triple Union Flag is first and foremost about the people of Australia. Its three coloured sectors, converging at equal angles, each represent a different group of people who have made Australia what it is today:

  • The custodians (black) — First Nations people
  • The colonists (red) — British settlers
  • The compatriots (blue) — Citizens born/immigrated since federation

The flag transforms a symbol of British colonialism into one which tells the story of all Australians and rightfully illustrates our independence and our unique Australian identity. For a full explanation of the case for a new Australian Flag and the design of the Triple Union Flag please watch our in-depth explainer video.

The Triple Union Flag has been launched in a time of crisis for Australia. Unprecedented bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have deeply challenged us as a nation. In many ways, now more than ever is the time for us to consider the future of our country. The Triple Union Flag is a symbol of unity for Australia in an increasingly uncertain world.

A dedicated webspace has been created for the Triple Union Flag at which explains the design of the flag in detail, explores reasons for changing the Australian Flag and will act as a space for commentary and news about the flag into the future.