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What is the Triple Union Flag?

The Triple Union Flag is a redesign of the Australian national flag. It has been publicly proposed as an alternative flag of Australia that preserves as much of the design of the current flag as possible while transforming its symbolism and meaning.

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Why is it called the Triple Union Flag?

The Triple Union Flag is named after its main design feature — three coloured sectors that meet at equal angles. Each sector represents a different group of people that, together, define the Australian people. These sectors converge at equal angles to represent unity and illustrate how each of these groups are an inseparable part of the Australian identity.

Why has the Triple Union Flag been publicly proposed?

In 2016, New Zealand held a national referendum which forced the nation to vote to change its national flag. This unsuccessful democratic exercise suffered due to the lack of a well known and compelling alternative flag design and a shared understanding of the reasons why the national flag should be changed.

The Triple Union Flag has been publicly proposed to promote awareness of the need to change the Australian national flag and provide a genuine alternative flag design with the potential to gain broad support from the general public.

Is the Triple Union Flag copyrighted?

As a proposed redesign of a national flag, the Triple Union Flag draws upon the designs of existing flags of national significance — a historical precedent which has lead to the emergence of other national flags.

While the Triple Union Flag uses recognisable colours and symbols of existing flags in its design, the arrangement of these elements is distinct and novel. As such, the design of the Triple Union Flag is an original concept and a work of artistic craftsmanship that is protected by copyright.

Can I use the Triple Union Flag?

The reuse of the Triple Union Flag and its related designs for personal and non-commercial purposes is permitted and encouraged.

However, unless explicit permission to reuse the Triple Union flag and its related designs is granted by its designer (or constitutes fair dealing/fair use) they reserve the right to take action to stop any usage of the flag at their discretion — for example, if they object to the nature of its usage.

The use of the Triple Union Flag and its related designs for commercial purposes or the generation of revenue, including advertising or promotion, is not allowed. This includes reproducing this flag design in any way to generate profit or paying someone else to reproduce this flag design either physically or digitally — whether on its own or incorporated into a larger work.

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